What Do the clients say?

 u.h. says:

"My doctor was amazed at the rapid development and I am very happy."

"I had an arthroscopy of the knee joint and two days after the operation I happened to have benefited from 
a session. It wasn't planned, but I thought, "it couldn't harm".

And it didn't!

I didn't know what to expect or what would happen
to me. I was open for everything and that was nice.

During the session, I fell asleep a number of times
and was totally relaxed. I perceived pleasant fragrances and very often saw the color orange. My thoughts had no particular direction.

After the session, I was fine, but I didn't perceive
any physical changes. So I went further with my two crutches.The next morning, the swelling in the knee had extremely decreased and walking was easy. At first, I still used one crutch and then during the course of the day, I didn't use it anymore. My doctor was amazed at the rapid development and I am very happy." U.H.

Sabine w. says:


"I belong to those people whose childhood weakness was the bladder. Just like others who got tonsillitis, I got cystitis. When I became of age, the cystitus was triggered by sex, got even worse and occurred more frequently. 

Decades later, when I entered menopause, the inflammation again became even more intense and more frequent. In addition to conventional medical treatments, in recent years, I have made several attempts to achieve healing through holistic methods. Unfortunately, failures across the board.

My current urologist is among the best in his field. He vaccinated me, gave me an immune treatment, took me through detoxification and through yeast removal. Nothing helped, except antibiotics. However, they have only brought short-term success.

Since the [Reconnective HealingĀ®] sessions with Debra C. Burton, I'm much better. Since May 2014,
I have no longer had any bladder infection. A record.
When I look at the last four years, I only had three
to four days of calm before it [the outbreak] started all over again. I've had no pain since May 2014. Anyone who knows cystitis, know what grace that calm is. Although [maybe] the urine still contains bacteria, it [the bacteria] has no longer multiplied to such an extent as to result in an inflammation.
So, real relief.

I am very confident that it [the healing process] will continue to go in a positive direction. Whatever she did exactly, she'll probably never completely tell me. But it worked and - "who heals is right"." Sabine W.