Debra's prior background includes:

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, MBA, BS, Philadelphia, PA.

University of Santa Monica, Master of Arts

in Applied Psychology, Santa Monica, CA.

Training certificates in Nathal Mental Training, personal development and

holistic health disciplines.

TEFL Certification ... i-to-i, 130-hour online course: teaching English for business, for grammar awareness, to individuals and large groups, with audio/visual media and with limited resources, plus having many years of experience.  

Employment positions include Marketing Representative for a major computer company, Interior Accessory Design Consultant, Assistant Buyer for lamps, wall decor and household goods and for textile sales. Wrote a book, articles and songs for publication and performance.

Likes to read, exercise, and exchange information. Enjoys Internet research. English is native language. Can speak basic German. Studied Spanish, French, Hebrew, Amharic, Latin. International travel for business and pleasure. Professional double bass musician, published and performing songwriter/vocalist singing Jazz, Bossa, Improvization, Ambient/Chill-out and World Music.

About Debra C. burton

"You have to jump, NOW!!!" I was PETRIFIED,

standing there under the tree, on that cliff, overlooking

a beautiful valley of tall trees that appeared very tiny from way up there. "You can take your fear with you... or you can leave it behind... either way, you are going NOOOWWW... ", he said to me with a big PUUSSSHHH... and he pushed

me off the cliff.

I was attached with a simple rope knotted at my waist,

holding onto the handle bars for dear life. I was soley

responsible for my life and for whatever might happen.

On the zip-line over the valley, I SCREAMED at the top of

my lungs in sheer terror... the SPEED, the wind blowing

at me, through me, around me, passed me... TERRIFIED...

And then I realized, HEY, this is actually pretty nice!...

I'd better hurry up and ENJOY it before it's over!!!!




So, among many other similar experiences, I discovered

to be re-connected to my SELF, remembering in moments like I just mentioned, that I AM LIGHT.

From childhood on, I have been deeply engaged in

personal growth and development, spirituality and communication with Nature and the non-visible realms.

As a child, I remember saying: "Dearest Creator of ALL,

You bring them to the Earth and give them Life and I'll do

my best to help keep them fit."

As a personal growth and development life coach,

I facilitated clients in reconnecting to their Pure True

Cosmic and Divine Authentic Self. However, it included coaching that took, what I could now say, a relatively long time. I was introduced to the Reconnection® and realized Dr. Eric Pearl accomplished the facilitation in just two 45-minute sessions, whereas it had taken, my then form

of coaching, weeks, months and/or longer. My then style

of coaching, relative to what was available at that time,

had been state-of-the-art and suddenly, it became

almost archaic!

Today, I am absolutely in love with The Reconnection®

and the Reconnective Healing® frequencies because

I have personally experienced and witnessed what they CAN do and ACTUALLY DO. I feel 'magically, sparkly happy' perceiving and playing with the frequencies, with aspects


I am truly deeply grateful for the opportunity!!!

How about you? Would you like your own experience

of Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®?

Just send me an email and we'll arrange your session!

Debra C. Burton, MBA, M.A.P

Reconnection-Certified Practitioner® 

Reconnective Healing foundational practitioner ®

(with The Reconnection ® since 2010)

refresher Courses: Dr. Eric Pearl and Gabriele Bressem, Cologne, Germany, April/May 2014, Respectively

Coach for personal growth & development, self-implementation

and health